UPC Group of Companies (UPC Group) was established in 1978 with the parent company, Union Paper Cartons Company Limited (upc), which is a manufacturer of corrugated sheets and boxes. Throughout the past UPC It is accepted among various industrial customers. in terms of product and service quality by opening a branch 3 companies which are Uthai Cartons Co., Ltd. (1986), Quality Cartons Co., Ltd. (1989) and Union Carton Industries Co., Ltd. (1991) To provide better quality and service of products at a lower price UPC have invested in business In 1993, UPC established United Paper Co., Ltd., which is a manufacturer of kraft paper box surfaces. and quality corrugated paper Currently sold to UPC Group and other corrugated sheet and box manufacturers. Both domestically and internationally, in 1994, Mac Print & Pack Co., Ltd. was established, which is a manufacturer of offset paper boxes in 1997 UPC. Joint investment with a subsidiary of Oji Paper Co., Ltd. (the largest paper manufacturer in Japan) is Ochi Inter Pack Co., Ltd. which is a manufacturer of paper boxes and sieves, 5 and 7 ply corrugated paper, A corrugated board under the product name HIPLE-ACE. UPC also offers plastic packaging products (PLASTIC BLISTER) by RT Pack Co., Ltd. to meet all packaging needs of customers.