type of kraft paper

paper KI

feature KI is a light brown kraft paper, commonly used to make box surface paper. because it is a light colored paper therefore suitable for printing Because it will help the print look beautiful. Moderately durable properties relatively cheap price

paper KS

Features KS or KW is white kraft paper. The properties are similar to KA, which is commonly used to make box surface paper. It has toughness, strength, durability, impact protection. and good resistance to pieces because it has a clean white color therefore suitable for printing and helps to increase the value of the products that are packed

paper CA

this kind of paper commonly used as corrugated or used for lining other pulp to enhance various properties of paper Both help provide strength, impact resistance, etc. as needed. In addition, CA paper is also commonly used to make paper boxes on the back. to help reduce production costs as well

paper KA

KA – Golden yellow kraft paper for box surface It is especially durable. Can support the weight perfectly. And it is a color that is very popular in the country. It is suitable for auto parts, canned food, furniture boxes. that need confidence in all forms of strength Both stacking and shock protection

Paper KJ

Acid Paper KJ Paper KJ 125, 150, 185, 230 KJ is a new type of kraft paper for box surface. Developed to meet the needs of customers Use the production standards from Japan. The quality of the paper will have a high strength. and have an appropriate level of humidity. Its performance is equivalent to that of KA paper. Besides KJ paper, it also has the advantage that it has natural color and can be used as a substitute for KA.